Raw Love. Raw Food!

The Vegan movement in Mumbai has gone up another notch. Internationally acclaimed chef, Isha Kinger has introduced an all-new Raw Vegan Menu for the month of love, February at the 212 All Good Restaurant at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel.

And the best part is this menu having received such outstanding reviews that the fest has been extended to another week!

As people have gone gaga over it all over the social media, we couldn’t help but grab the opportunity to try it out, that too on a Monday afternoon! Excitedly, we entered and as soon as we saw the menu, what really stood for us were the theme-based names of the dishes.

As we completed a month of togetherness, our feelings resonated with the menu. So we couldn’t wait but call for You Complete Me, Be My Buttercup, Wearing Your Smile, From Head To-Ma-Toes and Grecian Honeymoon.

The taste of these dishes walked the talk perfectly.

Be My Buttercup was the first to arrive, a smoothie having a delectable taste of both bananas and chocolates. The banana content was slightly on the stronger side. However, the cacao nibs and the chocolate swirl were the highlights of it. We literally couldn’t stop licking the DARK chocolate sauce!

Up next was From Head To-Ma-Toes. From cheesy to spicy to crunchy to healthy, it had all you could ask for in a savoury dish.

We had high hopes from You Complete Me. The toppings indeed completed us, even as the crust couldn’t match its taste.

Grecian means beautiful and simple. Yet, the Grecian Honeymoon was too simplistic for our liking. The only ingredient which beautified the dish was fresh figs.

Wearing Your Smile did make us smile at the arrival. But it started to fade as and when we digged into the cheesecake. What this dish lacked was the balance of flavours, the taste of coconut dominating the most.

Having spent more than two hours, we can say that this place is on the slightly expensive side. But it is worth a try, for this place has made a strong attempt to break the myth of raw food being just about ‘fruits and vegetables’. This could well be the beginning of a new food trend in the city for the future.

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